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      1. MSL publication

        25,000以上 全國 5-10年 本科 全職
        上海復星醫藥產業發展有限公司 2021-09-28 更新 2021-12-08 截止
        MSL publication
        目前共有 99 個求職者投遞過該職位,相比他們你的綜合競爭力排名為 99 名, 使用競爭力報告分析
        五險一金 節日福利 帶薪年假
        Function: Medical &Scientific Communication
        Title: Manager/Director

        1. Work as the functional expert and the primary liaison for activitiesrelated to publications
        1) Lead cross-TA publication management in China.
        2) Optimize process to well meet China requirements and with high efficiency.
        3) Foster knowledge of and adherence to Good Publication Practice acrossthe organization.
        4) Set up and manage publication tracking file to ensure appropriatereflection of tactical plan and execution process.
        5) Select and manage external publication agencies to develop timelinesand manage the process for developing, reviewing, approving andsubmitting publications.
        6) Liaise or contribute to cross-functional project and key Chinamedical publication initiatives.
        7) Ensure proper communication on publication related outputs/activitiesto appropriate stakeholders.
        8) Proactively engage in issue identification, resolution and ensureappropriate escalation.

        2. Develop/support and execute the publication plan for responsible Product(s)/TA(s)
        1) Lead or support the development of publication plan for responsibleProduct(s)/TA(s), including publication strategy and tactical planthrough work with and in alignment with medical, publication and brand team.
        2) Organize or support appropriate analyses (e.g. landscape, situation,gap analyses) and identification of publication needs to formpublication strategy.
        3) Proactively provide input or support in medical strategy in terms ofpublication perspective.
        4) Facilitate and oversee generation of planned publication until actual publication.
        5) Actively engage in generating high quality publication.
        6) Ensure that publication is generated in compliance with TakedaSOP/guidelines, industry requirements, laws and regulations.

        3. Knowledge expert role for responsible Product(s)/TA(s) and MI&Cteam work
        1) Develop knowledge and expertise in 1-2 TA(s).
        2) Serve as mentor or coacher for other Product(s)/TA(s) specificpublication plan and activities.
        3) Support in medical information related work of response

        Bachelor degree in medical/pharmacy/medical information /life science isrequire, master degree or above is preferable with at least 3 yearrelated experience in pharmaceutical industry
        People management experience is preferred
        Fundamental knowledge of relevant TAs knowledge in general with Clinicalpracticing experiences with relevant TAs are preferred
        Good at team work and self-motivated
        Innovative sense and willing to drive a complex and changing environmentand effectively manage and resolve issues from medical perspective
        Awareness of and adherence to the company’s credo and compliance requirement
        Good leadership skill to motive the team members

        • 基礎醫學,臨床醫學

        • 本科

        • 5-10年

        • 中級

        • 未填寫


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